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Mental Health Care, 3rd Edition

Mental Health Care, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-0-730-34461-2

Aug 2017

504 pages

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Mental Health Care: An Introduction for Health Professionals in Australia, 3rd Edition covers the challenges that health professionals will face in their everyday roles. This text discusses, in a jargon-free way, how to effectively help those who are struggling with mental health issues in a care setting. Videos with real clinicians and top researchers help bring relevancy to each chapter through engaging storytelling. Interactive capstone activities put the students in a simulated ‘real world’ scenario where they must apply their learning. There are also scores of local, curated content that show students the importance behind topics covered.

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Chapter 1. Mental health care in Australia

Chapter 2. Assessment in the mental health context

Chapter 3. The legal and ethical context of mental health care

Chapter 4. Delivering culturally appropriate mental health care

Chapter 5. Common reactions to stressful situations

Chapter 6. Caring for a person displaying challenging behaviours

Chapter 7. Caring for a person with depression, anxiety or perinatal mental health

Chapter 8. Caring for a person who has self-harmed

Chapter 9. Caring for a person with a serious mental illness

Chapter 10. Caring for a person with a substance use disorder

Chapter 11. Caring for an older person with a mental illness

Chapter 12. Approaches to mental health service delivery

  • Accessible Content: This new edition comprises insightful and engaging content delivered in concise, digestible chunks to support students’ engagement and retention.
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  • Trusted Authorship: Know you’re getting the best content from a team of leading Mental Health Care experts from throughout Australia.