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Mental Representation: A Reader

Mental Representation: A Reader

Stephen P. Stich (Editor), Ted A. Warfield (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-557-86477-2 July 1994 Wiley-Blackwell 388 Pages


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This volume is a collection of new and previously published essays focusing on one of the most exciting and actively discussed topics in contemporary philosophy: naturalistic theories of mental content. The volume brings together important papers written by some of the most distinguished theorists working in the field today. Authors contributing to the volume include Jerry Fodor, Rugh Millikan, Fred Dretske, Ned Block, Robert Cummins, and Daniel Dennett.
List of Contributors.

Part I: Introduction:.

1. Introduction: Ted A. Warfield and Stephen Stich.

2. Fodor's Guide to Mental Representation: Jerry Fodor.

3. Mental Representation: Hartry H. Field.

Part II: The Theories:.

Conceptual Role Semantics.

4. Advertisment for a Semantics for Psychology: Ned Block.

5. Why Meaning (Probably Isn't Conceptual Role: Jerry Fodor and Ernest Lepore.

Information Based Semantics.

6. Misrepresentation: Fred Dretske.

7. From Information to Intentionality: Barry Loewer.

Asymmetric Dependence:.

8. A Theory of Content, II: The Theory: Jerry Fodor.

9. Fodorian Semantics: Fred Adams and Ken Aizawa.


10. Biosemantics: Ruth Millikan.

11. A Continuum of Semantic Optimism: Peter Godfrey-Smith.

Interpretational Semantics:.

12. Interpretational Semantics: Robert Cummins.

13. Computation and Mental Representation: Terence Horgan.

Intentional Systems Theory:.

14. True Believers: The Intentional Strategy and Why it Works: Daniel Dennet.

15. Instrumental Intentionality: Lynne Rudder Baker.

Part III: Epilogue:.

16. What is a Theory of Mental Representation? Stephen Stich.

References and Bibliography.