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MerryGold and the PeriodiCity Mysteries: Halogen Islands

MerryGold and the PeriodiCity Mysteries: Halogen Islands

Kim Baldridge, Teresa Abendroth

ISBN: 978-3-906-39071-0 July 2016 102 Pages


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'MerryGold and The PeriodiCity Mysteries', the second in the 'MerryGold' series, takes place in the mythical kingdom of PeriodiCity and centers on one of the kingdom's loyal 'elementary' subjects, an inquisitive girl named MerryGold. Her curiosity in all things elemental makes her particularly suited to investigate all peculiar chemical phenomena in the kingdom. The present story begins with a gala ball thrown by King Helium and Queen Neon for all Elementarians, a suspicious phantasm of light and a quest for a special jewel to celebrate Queen Neon's birthday. MerryGold is driven to undertake a journey to understand the origins of the mysterious light; the King needs an adventurer to seek the Queen's jewel. So embarks MerryGold, at behest of the King, to the remote islands of Periodicity where a multitude of new adventures await her. One by one, she visits the Halogen Islands, enjoying many new friends and learning much about the tasks they carry out for the service of the King. When all seems lost concerning the unraveling of her own mystery, she finally discovers a vital clue that enables her to solve it. But alas, other curious phenomena are added to her list of things she must soon discover! Seeing past the superficial cloud of electrons and into the core of her atomic acquaintances, she is able ultimately to acquire not only the special jewel for the Queen, but also to unravel the mystery of the light phantasm that she encountered during the festive party of the King and Queen.

The book is meant to teach the basics of chemical and physical observation, and that basic atoms and molecules interact in characteristic ways. While teaching chemical principles, the book draws in the reader into a fun adventure where atoms and molecules have personal qualities not so different from the scientists who might study them. This personification of atoms and molecules makes the topics more approachable to young readers and alerts older readers to the slight poetic license taken with regard to some details of the laws of nature. With each reading, the reader should pick up new ideas and concepts, developing an appreciation for general scientific thought processes. These basic principles, expressed by the atomic characters, foster a sense that the workings of material world are understandable to anyone interested in taking the journey. This particular adventure, in particular, has a special emphasis on the Halogen elements.