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Metabolomics by In Vivo NMR

Robert G. Shulman (Editor), Douglas L. Rothman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-84719-0 January 2005 206 Pages


Metabolism By In Vivo NMR reviews and extends the experimental and theoretical reports concerning in vivo NMR, a pioneering approach that offers versatile new ways of studying metabolic pathways. Perfectly timed to coincide with recent findings that demonstrate the novelty and strength of this approach, the book covers recent applications in biochemistry, medicine, and psychology; in vivo NMR techniques; MCA; glucose metabolism focusing on glycogen; the value of muscle glycogen measurements in exercise; and much more.
  • This book is unique in linking in vivo 13C NMR measurements of neuronal activity and energetics with applications to functional imaging and certain disease states
  • Provides a fundamental neurochemical explanation of brain activity applicable to functional imaging, theories of neuronal activity and disease states, e.g. epilepsy, psychiatric diseases and developmental disorders
  • Novel and potentially controversial
  • Will inspire future research directions.

Contributors xi

Foreword xiii
Sir George K. Radda, Medical Research Council, UK

Section A: Background

1 Introduction 1
Robert G. Shulman

2 In Vivo NMR Spectroscopy – Techniques; Direct Detection; MRS; Kinetics and Labels; Fluxes; Concentrations 7
Robin de Graaf

3 Metabolic Control Analysis for the NMR Spectroscopist 31
David A. Fell

Section B: 13C and 31P NMR Studies of the Regulation of Glucose Metabolism

4 MRS Studies of the Role of the Muscle Glycogen Synthesis Pathway in the Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes 45
Gerald I. Shulman and Douglas L. Rothman

5 Phosphorylation of Allosteric Enzymes can serve Homeostasis rather than Control Flux: the Example of Glycogen Synthase 59
James R.A. Schafer, David A. Fell, Douglas Rothman and Robert G. Shulman

6 Regulation of Glycogen Metabolism in Muscle during Exercise 73
Thomas B. Price

7 13C NMR Studies of Heart Glycogen Metabolism 87
Maren R. Laughlin, Douglas L. Rothman and Robert G. Shulman

8 Bioenergetics Implication of Metabolic Fluctuation during Muscle Contraction 103
Thomas Jue

9 Lactate, Glycogen and Fatigue 125
Robert G. Shulman and Douglas L. Rothman

10 Futile Cycling in Yeast: How to Control Gluttony in the Midst of Plenty 137
Jan den Hollander and Robert G. Shulman

11 Trehalose Energetics in Yeast Spores 149
Robert G. Shulman and Jan den Hollander

12 Metabolic Networks in the Liver by 2H and 13C NMR 159
A. Dean Sherry and Craig R. Malloy

13 Summarized Reflections on Metabolism 175
Robert G. Shulman and James R. A. Schafer

Index 185