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Metaframeworks: Transcending the Models of Family Therapy, Revised and Updated

Metaframeworks: Transcending the Models of Family Therapy, Revised and Updated

Douglas C. Breunlin, Richard C. Schwartz, Betty Mac Kune-Karrer

ISBN: 978-0-787-91070-9

Oct 1997, Jossey-Bass

416 pages

Select type: Paperback

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An Innovative Approach to Family Therapy

This breakthrough book takes you beyond the theoretical boundaries that currently constrain family therapy and leads instead to an innovative approach. The authors analyze the different orientations of family therapy schools and provide a foundation for understanding the fundamental concepts that underlie all approaches. By integrating these multiple models of therapy, or metaframeworks, you can improve the flexibility and comprehensiveness of your treatment?without having to abandon your training. Full of practical ideas, methods, and examples, Metaframeworks offers a wealth of guidelines for applying these innovative strategies to a wide range of clinical problems and populations.

A Conversation About Metaframeworks.

The Metaframeworks Perspective.


Of Mind and Self: The Internal Family Systems Metaframework.

Patterns of Interaction: The Sequences Metaframework.

Leadership, Balance, and Harmony: The Organization Metaframework.

Beyond the One-Dimensional Life Cycle: The Development Metaframework.

Unifying Diverse Parameters: The Multicultural Metaframework.

Reweaving Feminism and Systems: The Gender Metaframework.


A Blueprint for Therapy.

A Case in Point.

Personalizing the Metaframeworks Perspective.
?This book offers something really new. It not only distills much that is already known in other approaches, but also, having extracted the best parts, is able to recombine them into a perspective that integrates other areas often ignored. Metaframeworks is a unique book in the field.? (Contemporary Psychology)

?Those new to family therapy will find that this book offers a clear introduction to systems thinking and allows for comparison and contrast of existing models of family therapy across the dimensions represented by the six metaframeworks.? (Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Human Services)