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Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks

Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks

Frédéric Héliodore, Amir Nakib, Boussaad Ismail, Salma Ouchraa, Laurent Schmitt

ISBN: 978-1-119-13673-6

Sep 2017, Wiley-ISTE

286 pages


Intelligence is defined by the ability to optimize, manage and reconcile the currents of physical, economic and even social flows. The strong constraint of immediacy proves to be an opportunity to imagine, propose and deliver solutions on the common basis of optimization techniques.

Metaheuristics for Intelligent Electrical Networks analyzes the use of metaheuristics through independent applications but united by the same methodology.

1. Single Solution Based Metaheuristics.

2. Population-based Methods.

3. Performance Evaluation of Metaheuristics.

4. Metaheuristics for FACTS Placement
 and Sizing.

5. Genetic Algorithm-based Wind Farm Topology Optimization.

6. Topological Study of Electrical Networks.

7. Parameter Estimation of α-Stable Distributions.

8. SmartGrid and MicroGrid Perspectives.