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Metallomesogens: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Metallomesogens: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

Jose Luis Serrano (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61508-7

Sep 2008

517 pages

Select type: E-Book



Research on metal-containing liquid crystals is a rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary field with new materials continually being synthesized and novel applications being developed. 'Metallomesogens' is the first comprehensive survey of the field, introducing the reader to:

* materials design
* synthesis
* physical properties
* emerging applications

Carefully selected references round off this well-organized compendium. It is an indispensable guide to experienced researchers in coordination and organometallic chemistry as well as in liquid-crystal and materials science. Newcomers and graduate students will also benefit from this didactically sound introduction to the field.
Lyotropic Low Molecular Weight Metallomesogens
Low Molecular Weight Calamitic Metallomesogens
Low Molecular Weight Discotic Metallomesogens
Metallomesogenic Polymers
Design and Synthesis of Low Molecular Weight Metallomesogens
Synthetic Strategies for Metallomesogenic Polymers
X-Ray Studies of Metallomesogens
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Paramagnetic Metallomesogens
Magnetic Properties of Metallomesogens
Other Physical Properties and Possibilities of Metallomesogens