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Metamaterials: From Linear to Nonlinear Optics

Metamaterials: From Linear to Nonlinear Optics

Natalia M. Litchinitser, Vladimir M. Shalaev

ISBN: 978-3-527-40893-1

Jan 2018

200 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Filling a real need for a book that can be used both as a textbook as well as a contemporary reference, this monograph is unique in its focus on the basic theory of linear and nonlinear light-matter interactions in metamaterials. As such, it covers various modern approaches to their design and fabrication, as well as a variety of novel applications enabled by these unusual materials.
Written with a broad audience in mind, ranging from graduate students specializing in physics, optics and electrical engineering, to scientists and engineers conducting active research in nanophotonics or developing novel applications of metamaterials.
1. Beyond Imagination of Nature
1.1 Introduction to Metamaterials
1.2 Negative Index Materials (NIMs): Left-Handed Properties
1.3 Superlens
1.4 From Theory to Microwave Experiments
2. Metamaterials: Going Optical
2.1 Magnetism in Optics
2.2 Design Approaches and Principles
2.2.1 Metal-Dielectric Metamaterials
2.2.2 Photonic Crystals
2.2.3 Anisotropic Waveguides
2.2.4 Nano-Transmission Lines
2.2.5 Organic and Uniaxial Gyrotropic Crystals
2.2.6 Atomic Systems
2.3 Electrodynamics of Metal-Dielectric Metamaterials
2.4 Numerical Modeling and Design of NIMs
2.5 Laboratory Realizations of NIMs: Progress and Challenges
3. Nonlinear Metamaterials
3.1 Nonlinear Optics in Magnetic Metamaterials
3.2 Backward Phase-Matching
3.3 Nonlinear NIMs
3.3.1 Second-Harmonic Generation
3.3.2 Optical Parametric Amplification
3.3.3 Guided-Wave Structures: Bistability and Gap Solitons
3.3.4 Layered NIMs Structures
3.3.5 Pulse Propagation and Solitons
4. Graded-Index Optics: Unlimited Opportunities
4.1 Transformation Optics Approach
4.2 Cloaking
4.2.1 Microwave Cloak
4.2.2 Nonmagnetic Cloak
4.2.3 Experimental Progress
4.3 Transitional Phenomena: From Positive to Negative Index Materials
5. Metamaterials: From Fascination to Applications
5.1 Super-resolution
5.2 Photonic Nano-Circuits
5.3 Tunable Metamaterials
5.4 Refractive Index Engineering