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Metamorphoses, A Norton Critical Edition

Metamorphoses, A Norton Critical Edition

Ovid, Charles Martin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-393-92534-0

580 pages

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A Note on This Translation
A Brief Life of Ovid
The Text of Metamorphoses
1. Book I: The Shaping of Changes
2. Book II: Of Mortal Children and Immortal Lusts
3. Book III: The Wrath of Juno
4. Book IV: Spinning Yarns and Weaving Tales
5. Book V: Contests of Arms and Song
6. Book VI: Of Praise and Punishment
7. Book VII: Of the Ties That Bind
8. Book VIII: Impious Acts and Exemplary Lives
9. Book IX: Desire, Deceit, and Difficult Deliveries
10. Book X: The Songs of Orpheus
11. Book XI: Rome Begins at Troy
12. Book XII: Around and About the Iliad
13. Book XIII: Spoils of War and Pangs of Love
14. Book XIV: Around and About with Aeneas
15. Book XV: Prophetic Acts and Visionary Dreams
1. Bernard Knox : Ovid in His Time and Ours
2. Seneca the Elder : Two Anecdotes of Ovid
1. Hesiod : From Works and Days
2. Lucretius : From De rerum natura
3. Callimachus : Hymn VI: To Demeter
4. Virgil : From the Aeneid
5. Charles Martin : Ovid's Metamorphoses and Pantomime Dancing
1. J. W. Mackail : [A Work of Such Wide Importance]
2. Diane Middlebrook : A Roman in His Prime
3. Italo Calvino : Ovid and Universal Contiguity
4. Norman O. Brown : Daphne, or Metamorphosis
Persons, Places, and Personifications in the Metamorphoses
Selected Bibliography