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Metaphysics: The Classic Readings

Metaphysics: The Classic Readings

David E. Cooper (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-21324-6 February 2000 Wiley-Blackwell 320 Pages


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Metaphysics: The Classic Readings is an essential collection of the most influential attempts to depict the fundamental nature of reality or being - from Spinoza's doctrine of a single, indivisible substance to Russell's 'logical atomism', and from the Buddha's account of a causally interrelated world to Leibniz's one of casually independent 'monads'.
Series Preface.


1. Tao Te Ching, Selected Chapters.

2. Plato, Phaedrus 245-50: Plato.

3. Metaphysics Books VII-VIII (Selected Chapters): Aristotle.

4. (A) Sayings On 'Conditioned Genesis'. (B) Lalitavistara, XIII 95-117. (C) Nagarjuna, Madhyamaka-Karika, Dedication and Chapter 25: Gotama (The Buddha).

5. Brahmasutrabhasya (Selections): Samkara.

6. Principles of Philosophy Part I: Ren&eacute: Descartes.

7. Ethics Part I: Benedict De Spinoza.

8. An Essay Concernin g Human Understanding Book II, Chapters 8 and 23 (1-11): John Locke.

9. Monadology: G. W. Liebnitz.

10. The Principles of Human Knowledge, Part I: 1-37: George Berkeley.

11. Critique of Pure Reason Second Edition, Transcendental Aesthetic, 1-3, 8: Immanuel Kant.

12. The World As Will and Representation, Vol II, Chapter 18: Arthur Schopenhauer.

13. An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy, Chapter 11: John Stuart Mill.

14. Appearance and Reality, Chapters 13 and 14: F. H. Bradley.

15. 'The One and The Many': William James.

16. The Philosophy of Logical Atomism, Lecture VIII: Bertrand Russell.

17. A. N. Whitehead, Process and Reality, Part I, Chapters 1 and 2 (Selected Sections): A. N. Whitehead.

18. Being and Time, 14-15, 19, 21: Martin Heidegger.


* Includes non-western texts as well as the classics of the western tradition.
* Lucid Introduction and preambles to the texts.
* Chronologically arranged.
* Belongs to a well-established, successful and continuing series which, when complete, will be the largest anthology of philosophical classics ever assembled.