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Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume 32



Methods of Biochemical Analysis, Volume 32

David Glick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-11094-2 September 2009 450 Pages


Biochemical analysis is a rapidly expanding field and is a key component of modern drug discovery and research. Methods of Biochemical Analysis provides a periodic and authoritative review of the latest achievements in biochemical analysis. Founded in 1954 by Professor David Glick, Methods of Biochemical Analysis provides a timely review of the latest developments in the field.
Activator Proteins for Lysosomal Glycolipid Hydrolases (E. Conzelmann and K. Sandhoff).

Isolation and Analysis of Cell Walls from Plant Material (R. R. Selvendran and M. A. O'Neill).

Electro-Optical Reflection Methods for Studying Bioactive Substances at Electrode-Solution Interfaces-An Approach to Biosurface Behavior (K. Takamura and F. Kusu).

Isoelectric Focusing in Immobilized pH Gradients: Theory and Newer Technology (P. G. Righetti and E. Gianazza).

Assays for Superoxide Dismutase (J. V. Bannister and L. Calabrese).

The Radiation Inactivation Method as a Tool to Study Structure-Function Relationships in Proteins (G. Beauregard, A. Maret, R. Salvayre and M. Potier).

Immunoassay with Electrochemical Detection (W. R. Heineman et al.).