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Micro Process Engineering: Fundamentals, Devices, Fabrication, and Applications



Micro Process Engineering: Fundamentals, Devices, Fabrication, and Applications

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This edition of 'Micro Process Engineering' was originally published in the successful series 'Advanced Micro & Nanosystems'.
Authors from leading industrial players and research institutions present a concise and didactical introduction to Micro Process Engineering, the combination of microtechnology and process engineering into a most promising and powerful tool for revolutionizing chemical processes and industrial mass production of bulk materials, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many other products.

The book takes the readers from the fundamentals of engineering methods, transport processes, and fluid dynamics to device conception, simulation and modelling, control interfaces and issues of modularity and compatibility. Fabrication strategies and techniques are examined next, focused on the fabrication of suitable microcomponents from various materials such as metals, polymers, silicon, ceramics and glass.
The book concludes with actual applications and operational aspects of micro process systems, giving broad coverage to industrial efforts in America, Europe and Asia as well as laboratory equipment and education.
I. Fundamentals and Engineering
Chemical Engineering Methods
Fluid Dynamics in Channels Below 1mm Hydraulic Diameter
Transport Processes, Thermodynamics, Heat Exchange
Multiphase Flow, Surface and Interface Effects
Chemical reactions in Continuous Flow in Microstructures, Modelling
II. Device Conception and Simulation
General Design Procedure of Microfluidic and Microchemical Devices
Device Microarchitecture, Internal Numbering-up, Fluidic Interfaces, Simulation
System Integration, Interfaces, Equipment Assembly
Integration of Sensors, Control/Sensory Interfaces, Modularity, Compatibility
III. Fabrication Strategies and Techniques
Microfabrication Methods
Choice of Material
Component Recycling and Environmental Considerations
Assembly Strategies, Packaging, Numbering-Up
Prototyping, Tooling, Microcomponent Serial Production, Device Characterization and Start-up
IV. Industrial Application and Operational Issues
Process and Plant Design
Operation/Process Control, Partial Load Operation, Fouling/Blocking
Industrial Production, Laboratory Application, Validation, Educational Devices