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Microbiology, 8th Edition International Student Version

Microbiology, 8th Edition International Student Version

Jacquelyn G. Black

ISBN: ES8-0-470-64621-2

Select type: WileyPLUS


Microbiology has been a best-selling textbook for several editions due to the author’s engaging writing style where her passion for the subject shines through the narrative. The text’s student-friendly approach provides readers with an excellent introduction to the study of Microbiology. This text is appropriate for non-major and mixed major microbiology courses, allied health, agriculture and food sciences courses too.

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1. Scope and History of Microbiology

2. Fundamentals of Chemistry

3. Microscopy and Staining

4. Characteristics of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells

5. Essential Concepts of Metabolism

6. Growth and Culturing of Bacteria

7. Microbial Genetics

8. Gene Transfer and Genetic Engineering

9. An Introduction to Taxonomy: The Bacteria

10. Viruses

11. Eukaryotic Microorganisms and Parasites

12. Sterilization and Disinfection

13. Antimicrobial Therapy

14. Host-Microbe Relationships and Disease Processes

15. Epidemiology and Nosocomial Infections

16. Innate Host Defenses

17. Basic Principles of Adaptive Immunity and Immunization

18. Immune Disorders

19. Diseases of the Skin and Eyes; Wounds and Bites

20. Urogenital and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

21. Diseases of the Respiratory System

22. Oral and Gastrointestinal Diseases

23. Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and Systemic Diseases

24. Diseases of the Nervous System

25. Environmental Microbiology

• Concept Compass:  The 8th edition will include a chapter opening Concept Compass which provides students with the key concepts and highlights where animations are available in the WileyPLUS course for each concept.    Students will be able to easily navigate through the text and identify key sections which require review and practice, and where to find the related study tools.
• Chapter Opener Vignettes amplify the author’s unique ability to take the reader on a microbiology journey. These two page chapter openers engage students into the chapter by drawing a connection to hot issues in the field, applications and factoids of high interest.
• Case Study Correlation Guide:  Building on the clinical coverage provided by the Public Health boxes, instructors will be provided with a correlation guide, linking Black 8e with the new case study text by Anderson/Young.  The correlation guide will highlight the benefit of using both Wiley books and encourage faculty toward custom adoptions.
• Very Student Friendly.  The text is known for its extensive use of applications in which students relate throughout the narrative of every chapter that help students comprehend key principles.  Examples include “pimples that can lead to septicemia if squeezed” and “Involuntary drunkenness caused by yeast fermenting in stomach food”.
• Informal, student-centered writing style serves more as a narrative for students exploring microbiology than as a textbook that reads as a list of facts.
• Accurate and informative art program.  The text includes artwork produced by award winning medical illustrators and photographs that have been personally researched and identified by the author.
• Authoritative author.  This title is written by a microbiologist, who teaches microbiology on a consistent basis in addition to her responsibilities in the scientific community.
• Supportive pedagogical aids that help foster a student’s understanding of the subject matter and its applications.