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Microeconomic Theory

Microeconomic Theory

Tatsuro Ichiishi

ISBN: 978-1-577-18037-1

Jan 1997, Wiley-Blackwell

460 pages

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Microeconomic Theory is a modern treatment of the neoclassical paradigm which is essential for understanding microeconomics. The author has carefully applied this theory in a non-mathematical and intuitive way. The special features include: * emphasis on the nature of the neoclassical paradigm * introduction to game theory * minimal mathematical content * intuitive exercises and examples * written in a concise format This book is one of the more simple yet focused texts available for Microeconomic theory. It is geared for first year graduate students of economics.

Part I: The Nature of the Neoclassical Paradigm.

1. Static Analysis of Consumer Behavior.

2. Static Analysis of Producer Behavior.

3. Partial Equilibrium Analysis of Output Market.

4. General Equilibrium Analysis.

Part II: Extensions of the Neoclassical Paradigm: Economics of Uncertainty.

5. Behavior Under Uncertainty.

6. General Equilibrium Analysis of Uncertainty.

7. Information Processing.

Part III: Beyond the Neoclassical Paradigm.

8. Underlying Game-Theoretical Structure.

9. Cooperative Behavioral Principle: Theory of the Firm.

Mathematical Appendix.

Index for the Text.

Index for the Mathematical Appendix.

  • Minimal mathematical content
  • Excellent examples and exercises.