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Microengineering of Metals and Ceramics: Special Replication Techniques, Automation, and Properties


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Microstructures, electronics, nanotechnology - these vast fields of research are growing together as the size gap narrows and many different materials are combined. Current research, engineering sucesses and newly commercialized products hint at the immense innovative potentials and future applications that open up once mankind controls shape and function from the atomic level right up to the visible world without any gaps.

Continuing from the previous volume, authors from three major competence centres for microengineering here cover all aspects of specialized replication techniques and how to employ state-of-the-art technologies for testing and characterizing micro-scale components, and illustrate quality control aspects and strategies for automation of production procedures in view of future industrial production and commercialisation.
Replication Techniques: Micro Casting;
Micro Electroforming of Metals;
Micro EPD, Tape Embossing, and Slip Casting of Ceramics
Automation and Quality Assurance: Powder Injection Moulding Process Automation;
Quality Assurance and Dimensional Measurement Technology
Properties of Materials and Micro-Components: Structures and Properties of Metallic Materials;
Structures and Properties of Ceramic Materials;
Tribological Characterization of Mould Inserts and Materials for Micro Components;
Simulation Tool Development for Wear in Microsystems