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Microfabricated Power Generation Devices: Design and Technology

Microfabricated Power Generation Devices: Design and Technology

Alexander Mitsos (Editor), Paul I. Barton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62406-5 February 2009 300 Pages


Focusing on a description of the technologies and methodologies for computer-aided conceptual design, this book covers the design, modeling and simulation of micropower generation devices. The articles are authored by internationally recognized experts in the field, who take the reader from fundamentals and design aspects to numerous power generation strategies and system engineering. The comprehensive coverage also extends to fuel processing, energy conversion, material and heat management, device operation, economics and quality control.
For materials scientists, chemists, physicists, process engineers and those in power technology.
Microfabrication for Energy Generating Devices and Fuel Processors
Fuel Processing for Hydrogen Generation
Micro-fuel Cells Microscale Heat Engines
Thermal Management and System Integration
Selection of Alternatives and Process Design
Structural Considerations
Microreactor Engineering: Processes, Detailed Design and Modeling
Design and Steady-State Operation
Design of Hybrid Electrochemical Devices
Control of Microreactors
"It has very good technical coverage of the theory of operation of these devices . . . it would be a good starting point for those beginning to learn about these electrochemical devices; even those working in the field could benefit from the theory and research presented on many different devices. It will give the reader a good theoretical understanding of these devices and inform comparison between them." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, 2011)