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Microgrid Planning and Design: A Concise Guide

Microgrid Planning and Design: A Concise Guide

Hassan Farhangi, Geza Joos

ISBN: 978-1-119-45354-3

Mar 2019, Wiley-IEEE Press

200 pages

Select type: E-Book


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A practical guide to microgrid systems architecture, design topologies, control strategies and integration approaches

Microgrid Planning and Design offers a detailed and authoritative guide to microgrid systems. The authors - noted experts on the topic - explore what is involved in the design of a microgrid, examine the process of mapping designs to accommodate available technologies and reveal how to determine the efficacy of the final outcome. This practical book is a compilation of collaborative research results drawn from a community of experts in 8 different universities over a 6-year period. 

Microgrid Planning and Design contains a review of microgrid benchmarks for the electric power system and covers the mathematical modeling that can be used during the microgrid design processes. The authors include real-world case studies, validated benchmark systems and the components needed to plan and design an effective microgrid system. This important guide:

  • Offers a practical and up-to-date book that examines leading edge technologies related to the smart grid
  • Covers in detail all aspects of a microgrid from conception to completion
  • Explores a modeling approach that combines power and communication systems
  • Recommends modeling details that are appropriate for the type of study to be performed
  • Defines typical system studies and requirements associated with the operation of the microgrid 

Written forgraduate students and professionals in the electrical engineering industry, Microgrid Planning and Design is a guide to smart microgrids that can help with their strategic energy objectives such as increasing reliability, efficiency, autonomy and reducing greenhouse gases.