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Microgrids: Control and Operation

Microgrids: Control and Operation

Josep Guerrero, Juan Vásquez

ISBN: 978-1-119-23311-4

Apr 2020, Wiley-IEEE Press

416 pages


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Timely and comprehensive overview of microgrid technology and components with focus on control architectures and solutions to operate and manage the microgrid

This book covers the description of the technologies that integrate microgrids, including prime movers, energy storage elements, and power electronics. Issues related to the control of the individual elements, as well as the management of the overall system, are described, as well as the control parameters design and the system stability analysis. Finally it describes some real application and worldwide projects, which can be of interest among engineers. The book is divided into three sections – ‘Basics’, ‘Technologies’ and ‘Hierarchical Control’.

  • Surveys a wealth of recent research from Europe, USA and Japan currently diffused across the journal literature
  • Describes power electronic interfaces and their control techniques for the different microgeneration devices under consideration and the microgrid control and management architectures – unique material helpful for engineers needing a concise overview of microgrids
  • Enables the reader to integrate technologies inside a microgrid, highlighting technologies that are also applicable to other areas in renewable energy, energy storage, power electronics, electrical engineering, and power systems
  • Matlab/Simulink files are hosted on a companion website, along with all the examples shown in the book, allowing readers to try out the concepts illustrated