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Microporous and Mesoporous Solid Catalysts, Volume 4

Microporous and Mesoporous Solid Catalysts, Volume 4

Eric G. Derouane (Editor), Stanley M. Roberts (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-09421-1 November 2006 258 Pages

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This series offers practical help for advanced undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, as well as experienced chemists in industry and academia working with catalysts in organic and organometallic synthesis. It features tested and validated procedures, authoritative reviews on classes of catalysts, and assessments of all types of catalysts. Micro- and Mesoporous Solid Catalysts describes the use of zeolites and mesoporous solids as catalysts for the production of fine and specialty chemicals.
  • Specific tips and hints are provided and some typical procedures are described in detail
  • In addition to discussing the pros and cons, several major organic transformations are examined including aromatic substitutions, heterocyclic ring formation, amines synthesis, oligomerisation, oxidation and hydroxylation, and other regioselective and stereoselective reactions
  • Features tutorial introductory chapters, including tips and hints for achieving successful organic transformations
  • Important reactions are featured together with recommendations to resolve potential problems.
Series Preface.

Preface to Volume 4.


1 An Overview of Zeolite, Zeotype and Mesoporous Solids Chemistry: Design, Synthesis and Catalytic Properties (Thomas Maschmeyer and Leon van de Water).

1.1 Zeolites, zeotypes and mesoporous solids: synthetic aspects.

1.2 Design of extra-large pore zeolites and other micro- and mesoporous catalysts.

1.3 Potential of post-synthesis functionalized micro- and mesoporous solids as catalysts for fine chemical synthesis.

2 Problems and Pitfalls in the Applications of Zeolites and other Microporous and Mesoporous Solids to Catalytic Fine Chemical Synthesis (Michel Guisnet and Matteo Guidotti).

2.1 Introduction.

2.2 Zeolite catalysed organic reactions.

2.3 General conclusions.


3 Aromatic Acetylation (Michel Guisnet and Matteo Guidotti).

3.1 Aromatic acetylation.

3.2 Procedures and protocols.


4 Aromatic Benzoylation (Patrick Geneste and Annie Finiels).

4.1 Aromatic benzoylation.

4.2 Acylation of anisole over mesoporous aluminosilicates.


5 Nitration of Aromatic Compounds (Avelino Corma and Sara Iborra).

5.1 Introduction.

5.2 Reaction mechanism.

5.3 Nitration of aromatic compounds using zeolites as catalysts.

5.4 Conclusions.


6 Oligomerization of Alkenes (Avelino Corma and Sara Iborra).

6.1 Introduction.

6.2 Reaction mechanisms.

6.3 Acid zeolites as catalysts for oligomerization of alkenes.

6.4 Mesoporous aluminosilicates as oligomerization catalysts.

6.5 Nickel supported aluminosilicates as catalysts.


7 Microporous and Mesoporous Catalysts for the Transformation of Carbohydrates (Claude Moreau).

7.1 Introduction.

7.2 Hydrolysis of sucrose in the presence of H-form zeolites.

7.3 Hydrolysis of fructose and glucose precursors.

7.4 Isomerization of glucose into fructose.

7.5 Dehydration of fructose and fructose-precursors.

7.6 Dehydration of xylose.

7.7 Synthesis of alkyl-D-glucosides.

7.8 Synthesis of alkyl-D-fructosides.

7.9 Hydrogenation of glucose.

7.10 Oxidation of glucose.

7.11 Conclusions.


8 One-pot Reactions on Bifunctional Catalysts (Michel Guisnet and Matteo Guidotti).

8.1 Introduction.

8.2 Examples.


9 Base-type Catalysis (Didier Tichit, Sara Iborra, Avelino Corma and Daniel Brunel).

9.1 Introduction.

9.2 Characterization of solid bases.

9.3 Solid base catalysts.

9.4 Conclusions.


10 Hybrid Oxidation Catalysts from Immobilized Complexes on Inorganic Microporous Supports (Dirk De Vos, Ive Hermans, Bert Sels and Pierre Jacobs).

10.1 Introduction and scope.

10.2 Oxygenation potential of heme-type complexes in zeolite.

10.3 Oxygenation potential of zeolite encapsulated nonheme complexes.

10.4 Conclusions.



Subject Index.