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Microsoft® Excel® Version 2002 Step-by-Step Courseware Expert Skills

Microsoft® Excel® Version 2002 Step-by-Step Courseware Expert Skills

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-06606-5

Feb 2007

242 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Course Overview.

Conventions And Features Used in this Book.

Using the CD-ROM.

MOS Objectives.

Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Test.

Lesson 1: Working with Workbooks. 

Lesson 2: Working with Data and Named Ranges.

Lesson 3: Creating and Using Excel Lists.

Lesson 4: Displaying and Formatting.

Lesson 5: Auditing a Workbook.

Lesson 6: Using Data Analysis Tools and Features.

Lesson 7: Sharing Workbooks.

Lesson 8: Publishing Information on the Web.

Lesson 9: Creating, Customizing, and Using Templates.

Lesson 10: Using Macros.

Lesson 11: Customizing the Excel Environment.

Quick Reference.


  • Task-Based Approach Developed and refined at Microsoft to offer lessons based on tasks the reader will encounter in the everyday work world not just the features of the software. Students learn how to accomplish real-world tasks so that they can immediately increase their productivity. Titles integrate this approach to learning across both the print and media components. To optimize learning, each title contains:
  • Hands on Practice Numbered steps give detailed step by step instructions to help reader learn skills.
  • Accompanying screen images provide visual clues so student can see what they should be viewing on their computer screen.
  • End of chapter “Quick Quiz” to reinforce student learning of lesson content.
  • Lesson Objectives that clearly state the instructional goal of each lesson
  • Putting it all Together exercises challenge students to apply what they are learning in new ways.
  • Highlighted marginalia offers helpful tips, hints, cautions and advanced procedures.