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Microsoft Excel 2000 Bible, Gold Edition

Microsoft Excel 2000 Bible, Gold Edition

John Walkenbach

ISBN: 978-0-764-53449-2

Feb 2000

1381 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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If you're looking for inside information and time-saving tips to maximize the power of Excel on your desktop and on the Web, then look no further than the Gold Edition of the best-selling Microsoft Excel 2000 Bible. Author John Walkenbach, a leading authority on spreadsheet software, has packed this book with valuable information for Excel users at every level:
* Acquaint yourself with essential Excel features, and navigate through basic files and workbooks.
* Dive deep into spreadsheet make-up and maintenance, from controlling worksheet data to working with rows, columns, cells, and ranges.
* Add visual elements to spreadsheets by formatting styles, fonts, and cell alignment, plus build charts, pictures, and drawings.
* Investigate advanced techniques that enable you to create and use worksheet outlines, link and consolidate worksheets, and utilize arrays.
* Explore Excel's Internet tools, and see how you can share data with other applications.
* Analyze data with Excel, and program Excel 2000 with VBA.
The bonus CD-ROM includes a fully functional trial version of Power Utility Pak 2000, with 50 general-purpose utilities and 40 custom worksheet functions, examples, and enhanced shortcut menus.


PART I: Getting Started.

Chapter 1: What's New in Excel 2000?

Chapter 2: Getting Acquainted with Excel.

Chapter 3: Navigating Through Excel.

Chapter 4: Working with Files and Workbooks.

PART II: Working with Excel.

Chapter 5: Entering and Editing Worksheet Data.

Chapter 6: Essential Spreadsheet Operations.

Chapter 7: Working with Cell Ranges.

Chapter 8: Creating and Using Formulas.

Chapter 9: Using Worksheet Functions.

Chapter 10: Manipulating Text.

Chapter 11: Working with Dates and Times.

Chapter 12: Counting and Summing Formulas.

Chapter 13: Lookup Formulas.

Chapter 14: Printing Your Work.

Chapter 15: Customizing Toolbars and Menus.

Chapter 16: Using and Creating Templates.

PART III: Adding Visual Elements.

Chapter 17: Worksheet Formatting.

Chapter 18: Chart-Making Basics.

Chapter 19: Advanced Charting.

Chapter 20: Enhancing Your Work with Pictures and Drawings.

Chapter 21: Creating Maps with Microsoft Map.

Chapter 22: Putting It All Together.

PART IV: Advanced Excel Features.

Chapter 23: Creating and Using Worksheet Outlines.

Chapter 24: Linking and Consolidating Worksheets.

Chapter 25: Introducing Arrays.

Chapter 26: Performing Magic with Array Formulas.

Chapter 27: Using Excel in a Workgroup.

Chapter 28: Sharing Data with Other Applications.

Chapter 29: Excel and the Internet.

Chapter 30: Making Your Worksheets Error-Free.

Chapter 31: Fun Stuff.

PART V: Analyzing Data with Excel.

Chapter 32: Importing Data from Other Sources.

Chapter 33: Working With Lists.

Chapter 34: Using External Database Files.

Chapter 35: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables.

Chapter 36: Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis.

Chapter 37: Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver.

Chapter 38: Analyzing Data with Analysis ToolPak.

PART VI: Programming Excel 2000 with VBA.

Chapter 39: Essentials of Spreadsheet Application Development.

Chapter 40: Introducing Visual Basic for Applications.

Chapter 41: VBA Programming Fundamentals.

Chapter 42: Working with VBA Sub Procedures.

Chapter 43: Creating Custom Worksheet Functions.

Chapter 44: Introducing UserForms.

Chapter 45: UserForm Techniques.

Chapter 46: Understanding Excel's Events.

Chapter 47: Interacting with Other Applications.

Chapter 48: Creating Custom Excel Add-Ins.

Chapter 49: Creating Custom Toolbars.

Chapter 50: Creating Custom Menus.

Chapter 51: Providing Help for Your Applications.

Appendix A: Using Online Help: A Primer.

Appendix B: Online Excel Resources.

Appendix C: Worksheet Function Reference.

Appendix D: Importing 1-2-3 Formulas.

Appendix E: Excel's Shortcut Keys.

Appendix F: VBA Statements and Function Reference.

Appendix G: VBA Error Codes.

Appendix H: ANSI Code Reference.

Appendix I: What's on the CD-ROM?


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CD-ROM Installation Instructions.
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