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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Bible

Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac Bible

Sherry Kinkoph Gunter, Jennifer Ackerman Kettell, Greg Kettell

ISBN: 978-0-470-50706-3 April 2009 1056 Pages




  • Written by an expert in the field of technology training and author of nearly two dozen titles, this complete guide offers readers thorough yet clear instruction on using the Microsoft Office suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage
  • Apple has welcomed Microsoft Office into its world and this reference is the ultimate resource for learning how to best capitalize on each application of Office
  • Reviews creating, editing, formatting, and sharing digital documents with Word; gathering and analyzing information with Excel; creating dynamic presentations with PowerPoint; and using the e-mail and calendar of Entourage
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Part I: Getting to Know Office 2008.

Chapter 1: Introducing the New Office.

Chapter 2: Installing Office 2008.

Chapter 3: Office 2008 Program Basics.

Chapter 4: Finding Help with Office 2008.

Part II: Working with Word.

Chapter 5: Word Basics.

Chapter 6: Building Word Documents.

Chapter 7: Formatting Word Text.

Chapter 8: Adding Tables.

Chapter 9: Editing Lengthy Documents.

Chapter 10: Collaborating on Documents.

Chapter 11: Proofing and Printing Documents.

Part III: Using Excel.

Chapter 12: Excel Basics.

Chapter 13: Entering and Editing Data.

Chapter 14: Formatting Data and Worksheets.

Chapter 15: Using Formulas and Functions.

Chapter 16: Creating Charts.

Chapter 17: Using the Excel Database Tools.

Chapter 18: Proofing, Printing, and Collaborating in Excel.

Part IV: Presenting with PowerPoint.

Chapter 19: PowerPoint Basics.

Chapter 20: Building Presentations.

Chapter 21: Formatting Slides.

Chapter 22: Fine-tuning a Presentation.

Chapter 23: Preparing and Presenting a Slide Show.

Part V: Working with Entourage.

Chapter 24: Entourage Basics.

Chapter 25: E-mailing with Entourage.

Chapter 26: Organizing Your Calendar.

Chapter 27: Tracking Tasks, Notes, and Projects.

Part VI: Organizing Digital Media with Expression Media.

Chapter 28: Introducing Expression Media.

Chapter 29: Working with Catalogs.

Part VII: Working with Office Graphics and Web Features.

Chapter 30: Adding Graphics.

Chapter 31: Creating Web Content.

Chapter 32: Using Microsoft Messenger.

Part VIII: Coordinating and Customizing Your Office.

Chapter 33: Coordinating Projects.

Chapter 34: Customizing Office.

Chapter 35: Working with AppleScript.