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Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-13306-4 December 2013 1008 Pages


This Microsoft Office 2013 textbook is the only Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) textbook.  This series includes a complete classroom instructional program.  The Office 2013 text is designed to re-enforce workforce skills. Office 2013 certification can help students with classwork and differentiate job hunters in today’s competitive job market.

The Microsoft Official Academic Course (MOAC) Office series also offers OfficeGrader.  This valuable tool corrects your students’ tasked-based assignments. Students work on real-world problems like the ones they will encounter in the workforce ensuring they are ready for real professional challenges.   OfficeGrader allows for efficient and consistent grading saving time for other important teaching activities. Grading is easier than ever allowing faster assignment turnaround to students.

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Unit 2: Internet Explorer and the Web

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Unit 5: Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

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Lesson 3: Designing a Presentation

Lesson 4: Using Tables, Charts, and SmartArt

Lesson 5: Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Your Presentation

Lesson 6: Delivering Your Presentation

Unit 6: Microsoft Outlook 2013

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013

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Unit 7: Microsoft OneNote 2013

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