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Microsoft Office System 2003

Microsoft Office System 2003

Microsoft Official Academic Course

ISBN: 978-0-470-06609-6

Aug 2004

948 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Official Microsoft Learning textbook designed for the academic classroom.

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Course Overview.

Conventions And Features Used in this Book.

Using the CD-ROMs.

MOS Objectives.

Taking a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Test.

Microsoft e-Learning Library.


Lesson 1 Getting Started with Word. 

Lesson 2 Editing a Document. 

Lesson 3 Formatting Text. 

Lesson 4 Changing the Layout of a Document. 

Lesson 5 Creating Content and Editing Text. 

Lesson 6 Working with Graphics. 

Lesson 7 Working with Columns. 


Lesson 1 Learning Worksheet Fundamentals. 

Lesson 2 Editing and Formatting Worksheets.

Lesson 3 Formatting Cells. 

Lesson 4 Changing Print Options. 

Lesson 5 Organizing Worksheets and Windows Display. 

Lesson 6 Working with Charts. 

Lesson 7 Performing Basic Calculations. 


Lesson 1 Introduction to Outlook. 

Lesson 2 Using E-Mail in Outlook. 

Lesson 3 Using Contacts. 

Lesson 4 Using the Calendar. 

Lesson 5 Using Tasks. 


Lesson 1 Creating a Presentation. 

Lesson 2 Working with a Presentation. 

Lesson 3 Printing a Presentation. 

Lesson 4 Outlining Your Ideas. 

Lesson 5 Adding and Modifying Text. 

Lesson 6 Adding Graphics to PowerPoint. 

Lesson 7 Producing a Slide Show. 


Lesson 1 Understanding Databases.

Lesson 2 Creating Tables. 

Lesson 3 Working with Tables.

Creating and Using Queries. 

Appendix A Windows XP.


Interactive Simulations from the Microsoft eLearning Library augment each lesson in the text. Icons in the textbook let the students know when a procedure is covered in an e-training on the Student CD.

Comprehensive instructor support materials save you time without sacrificing a quality classroom experience. You’ll find the Brownstone test bank, Microsoft PowerPoint slides, and teaching tips and suggestions on the instructor CD and available from the Microsoft Learning Online Instructor Resource Center.

Step by Step methodology guides students through the basics and reinforces acquired skills as they progress through each unit. Cleary stated learning objectives, challenging task-oriented procedures and numerous real-world business scenarios help students understand how to use the technology in school, at home and on the job.

Textbook –

Microsoft e-Learning Library (MELL) an interactive training tutorial.

Step by Step methodology in a task based approach.  Focuses on how to get things done.

Learning objectives for each chapter correlate to certification exam objectives. 

Exam Objectives are identified throughout the book.  Only book on market to do this.

Hands on exercises reinforce skills.

Chapter summaries.

Chapter review questions.

Instructor Support– 

PowerPoint Slides with annotated instructor notes

Test bank and additional questions in ExamView and Word

Sample Syllabi

Lesson Plans

Additional test questions

Additional activities and Exercises.