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Microstereolithography and other Fabrication Techniques for 3D MEMS



Microstereolithography and other Fabrication Techniques for 3D MEMS

Vijay K. Varadan, Xiaoning Jiang, V. V. Varadan

ISBN: 978-0-471-52185-3 March 2001 274 Pages


This timely and accessible book focusses on microstereolithography and other microfabrication for 3D MEMS. The application of MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) in such diverse fields as intelligent microsensors, data storage, biomedical engineering and wireless communications is booming, but although many MEMS books are available, this book is unique in that most others deal with 2D MEMS.

This volume discusses the fundamental principles of microstereolithography for fabrication of 3D MEMS devices, providing an account of recent developments in related microfabrication and combined architecture techniques, and illustrating their application in the engineering and medical fields.

It provides:
* A unique and accessible overview of micro-system manufacture using the latest semiconductor processing techniques
* Coverage of the developmental history of MEMS, micro-sensors, actuators and signal processing units
* Insight to a range of microfabrication techniques from laser ablation to x-ray lithography, silicon micro-machining and micro-moulding
* Describes the latest fabrication prototypes and applications, including thin-film transistors, antennas, wireless telemetry systems and transducers
This book will appeal to microelectronics engineers, as well as material technologists, and physicists working in industrial and academic research and development.

Microelectromechanical Systems.

Fundamentals of Polymer Synthesis for MEMS.

Stereolithography (SL).

Microstereolithography Techniques I-Scanning Method.
Microstereolithography Techniques II-Projection Method.

Polymeric MEMS Architecture with Silicon, Metal, and Ceramics.

Combined Silicon and Polymeric Structures.

Appendix 1: Some Polymers for MEMS.
Appendix 2: An Example of CAD Model and NC Codes for Microstereolithography.

"This book gives a fascinating introduction to the subject, and places it superbly within its context....It is original, timely and well written." (Engineering Science & Education Jnl. April 2002)