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Microsystem Technology

Microsystem Technology

Wolfgang Menz, Jürgen Mohr, Oliver Paul

ISBN: 978-3-527-61301-4

Jul 2008

512 pages

Select type: E-Book



This completely revised edition of a bestselling concise introduction to microsystems technology includes the latest trends in this emerging scientific discipline. The chapters on silicium and LIGA technology are greatly expanded, whilst new topics include application aspects in medicine and health technology, lithography and electroplating.
General Introduction to Microstructure Technology
The Parallels to Microelectrics
The Basis and Materials in Microtechnology
Basic Principles of Vacuum Technology
The Silicon Micromechanics
The LIGA Process
Alternative Process of Microstructuring
Construction and Junction Techniques (CJT)
System Technology
"...written by excellent experts in the field and gives a very deep and wide introduction to this important technology. The Text includes may practical examples already realized, and many details for the fabrication processes are explained. I can recommend this book without any restrictions tp engineers as well as physicists, and other scientists in this field." Optik