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Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling: Recommendations

Microtunneling and Horizontal Drilling: Recommendations

French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT)

ISBN: 978-0-470-39438-0 January 2010 Wiley-ISTE 342 Pages




This book includes recommendations prepared by members of the French Society for Trenchless Technology (FSTT), based on their recent national multi-year project. Comprehensive guidelines, techniques and theories in the areas of both microtunneling and horizontal drilling are given, encompassing the fields of application for each method, what investigations should be undertaken, which machines and equipment should be used, how the work should be managed and potential problems that may arise.
The recommendations, the analytical methods used and their verification with laboratory and field data should not only improve the rate of success of trenchless projects, but will also be of great value to engineers in other countries, who can compare the results with their own findings and assess the international state of the art.
Preface (Andre Colson).

Introduction (Michel Mermet).

Part I. Microtunneling.

Chapter 1. Introduction to Guidelines: Subject and Fields of Application.

Chapter 2. Techniques and Theory of Operation for the Installation of Pipes by Microtunneling.

Chapter 3. Summary of Parameters Affecting Work at the Site.

Chapter 4. Guidelines for Investigations.

Chapter 5. Guidelines for the Choice of Machines and Attachments.

Chapter 6. Guidelines for Project Design, Dimensiones of Pipes and the Pipe Jacking System.

Chapter 7. Guidelines for the Site Supervision.

Chapter 8. Socio-Economic and Contractual Aspects.

Part II. Horizontal Drilling.

Chapter 9. Introduction to Guideleines: Purpose and Fields.

Chapter 10. Techniques and Principles of Operation for Horizontal Drilling.

Chapter 11. Summary of Parameters Affecting the Start of a Building Site.

Chapter 12. Guidelines for Explorations.

Chapter 13. Guidelines for the Choice of Drilling Rigs and Equipment.

Chapter 14. Guidelines for a Project Design.

Chapter 15. Guidelines for the Management of the Site.

Appendix 1. Glossary of Symbols Used.

Appendix 2. Glossary of Horizontal Drilling.