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Microwave Solid State Circuit Design, 2nd Edition

Microwave Solid State Circuit Design, 2nd Edition

Inder Bahl, Prakash Bhartia

ISBN: 978-0-471-20755-9

Apr 2003

920 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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  • Provides detailed coverage of passive and active RF and microwave circuit design.
  • Discusses the practical aspects of microwave circuits including fabrication technologies.
  • Includes a treatment of heterostructure and wide-band gap devices.
  • Examines compact and low cost circuit design methodologies.

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Introduction (P. Pramanick & P. Bhartia).

Transmission Lines and Lumped Elements (I. Bahl).

Resonators (A. Sharma & A. Khanna).

Impedance Transformation Techniques (P. Shastry).

Hybrids and Couplers (P. Bhartia & P. Pramanick).

Filters (E. Griffin & I. Bahl).

Active Devices (R. Trew).

Passive Devices (R. Trew).

Oscillators (A. Khanna).

Amplifiers (I. Bahl & E. Griffin).

Detectors and Mixers (R. Harrison).

Microwave Control Circuits (K. Gupta).

Frequency Multipliers and Dividers (R. Harrison).

RF MEMS Devices and Circuit Applications (R. Ramadoss & K. Gupta).

Circuit Fabrication Technologies (I. Bahl).

Appendix A: Units and Symbols.

Appendix B: Physical Constants and Other Data.

Appendix C: ABCD and S-Parameters.

Appendix D: Transfer Function Responses.