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Milenio: Mil años de literatura española

Milenio: Mil años de literatura española

Bárbara Mujica

ISBN: 978-0-471-24112-6 August 2001 440 Pages


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Appropriate for a one or two semester survey course at the fifth semester or beyond-ideal for majors, minors, and even non-majors, Milenio provides a survey of Spanish literature from its origins to the present. Most selections are excerpts from longer works, although all function as independent units. Milenio features a number of complete stories, essays, poems and one-act plays. Selections are ample enough to give students an idea of the author's writing, yet short enough to be treated in one or two class periods. Milenio provides enough selections to allow instructors to pick and choose according to their own preferences. Female authors include: Teresa de Ávila, Ana Caro, María de Zayas, Carmen Laforet, Ana María Matute, Soledad Puértolas, and Rosa Montero. In addition, Milenio contains Spanish works by regional writers such as Pere Gimferrer and Jon Juaristi. Milenio includes many tools that enable the student to read the selections with minimal difficulty. Each selection is followed by a list of Temas or review questions.

1 Prefacio

2 Edad media y época de los Reyes Católicos

3 Principios de la Modernidad o siglo de Oro

4 El siglo dieciocho: La Illustración

5 El siglo diecinueve: Del Romanticismo al Naturalismo

6 Generación del 98 y Modernismo

7 España en el siglo veinte

Glosario de términos literarios
Lecturas suplementarias
Índice general

  • Period and author introductory essays focus on relevant information about the historical moment and literary movements to be covered, as well as the latest trends in literary criticism.
  • Footnotes (in Spanish when possible) clarify difficult words, constructions, and terms and allow students to read without interrupting their train of thought.
  • Literary terms are marked with an asterisk in the text; explanations are provided in a glossary.
  • Each selection is followed by a list of Temas or review questions for conversation and composition and literary analysis. The chapter-end Sumario encourages students to draw comparisons between authors and to trace themes and trends, as well as to activate the material and to help students' develop skills in both language and critical thinking.
  • Lecturas suplementarias-Milenio concludes with a selected bibliography appropriate for student research.