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Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabit Wireless Communications: A Practical Guide to Design and Analysis in a System Context



Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabit Wireless Communications: A Practical Guide to Design and Analysis in a System Context

Kao-Cheng Huang, David J. Edwards

ISBN: 978-0-470-71213-9 October 2008 296 Pages

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Complete and comprehensive application-focused reference on millimetre wave antennas

Millimetre Wave Antennas for Gigabit Wireless Communications covers a vast wealth of material with a strong focus on the current design and analysis principles of millimetre wave antennas for wireless devices. It provides practising engineers with the design rules and considerations required in designing antennas for the terminal. The authors include coverage of new configurations with advanced angular and frequency filtering characteristics, new design and analysis techniques, and methods for filter miniaturization. The book reviews up-to-date research results and utilizes numerous design examples to emphasize computer analysis and synthesis whilst also discussing the applications of commercially available software.

Key Features:

  • Advanced and up-to-date treatment of one of the fastest growing fields of wireless communications

  • Covers topics such as Gigabit wireless communications and its required antennas, passive and active antenna design and analysis techniques, multibeam antennas and MIMO, IEEE 802.15.3c, WiMedia®, and advanced materials and technologies

  • Offers a practical guide to integrated antennas for specific configurations requirements

  • Addresses a number of complex, real-world problems that system and antenna engineers are going to face in millimetre-wave communications industry and provides solutions

  • Contains detailed design examples, drawings and predicted performance

This book is an invaluable tool for antenna professionals (engineers, designers, and developers), microwave professionals, wireless communication system professionals, and industries with microwave and millimetre wave research projects. Advanced students and researchers working in the field of millimetre wave engineering will also find this book very useful.


List of Abbreviations

1 Gigabit Wireless Communications

1.1 Gigabit Wireless Communications

1.2 Regulatory Issues

1.3 Millimetre Wave Characterisations

1.4 Channel Performance

1.5 System Design and Performance

1.6 Antenna Requirements

1.7 Link Budget

1.8 Summary


2 Critical Antenna Parameters

2.1 Path Loss and Antenna Directivity

2.2 Antenna Beamwidth

2.3 Maximum Possible Gain-to-Q

2.4 Antenna Polarisation


3 Planar Antennas

3.1 Printed Antennas

3.2 Slot Antennas

3.3 Quasi-Yagi Antennas

3.4 Bow-Tie Antennas

3.5 Reflector Antennas

3.6 Millimetre Wave Design Consideration

3.7 Production and Manufacture


4 Horn Antennas

4.1 Waveguide Modes

4.2 Multimode Horn Antenna

4.3 Integrated Horn

4.4 Cylinder Horn and Circular Polarisation

4.5 Tilt Horn

4.6 Dielectric Sectoral Horn


5 Dielectric Antennas

5.1 Dielectric Resonator Antennas

5.2 Dielectric Rod Antenna

5.3 Maximum Gain Rod Antenna

5.4 Dual Rod

5.5 Patch-Fed Circular Rod

5.6 Rod Array and Phase Compensation

5.7 Optimisation of a Rod Antenna


6 Lens Antennas

6.1 Luneberg Lens

6.2 Hemispherical Lens

6.3 Extended Hemispherical Lens

6.4 Off-Axis Extended Hemispherical Lens

6.5 Planar Lens Array

6.6 Metal Plate Lens Antennas


7 Multiple Antennas

7.1 The 60 GHz Multibeam Antenna

7.2 Antenna Array

7.3 Millimetre Wave Arrays

7.4 Mutual Coupling between Antennas


8 Smart Antennas

8.1 Beam-Switching Antennas

8.2 Beam-Steering/Forming Antennas

8.3 Millimetre Wave MIMO

8.4 Mode-Tracking Antennas


9 Advanced Antenna Materials

9.1 Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics

9.2 Liquid Crystal Polymer

9.3 CMOS

9.4 Left-Handed Material

9.5 High-Temperature Superconducting Antenna

9.6 Nano Antennas


10 High-Speed Wireless Applications

10.1 V-Band Antenna Applications

10.2 E-Band Antenna Applications

10.3 Distributed Antenna System

10.4 Wireless Mesh Networks



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A Common Aperture, Dual Frequency Printed
2002 AP-Magazine Fold Antenna
EuMC Multiple-Beam Planar Reflector Antenna
ChapterPageDetailsDatePrint Run
Acknowledgments Addendum

Acknowledgement: Chapter 3.5 contains text adapted from "Wolfgang Menzel, Dietmar Pilz, and Maysoun Al-Tikriti: MM-Wave Folded Reflector Antennas with High Gain, Low Loss, and Low Profile. IEEE AP Magazine, June 2002, pp. 24-29; Wolfgang Menzel, Maysoun Al-Tikriti, Ralf Leberer: A 76 GHz multiple-beam planar reflector antenna, European Microwave Conference, Milano, Italy, Sept. 2002, pp. 977-980 (Vol. III), and W. Menzel, M. Al-Tikriti, M. B. Espadas Lopez: Common aperture, dual frequency printed antenna (900 MHz and 60 GHz). Electron. Lett., Vol. 37, No. 17 (16th August. 2001), pp. 1059-1060."

Material is reproduced with the kind permission of The European Microwave Association (EuMA) and Professor Wolfgang Menzel. The proportions of text taken from the above sources are highlighted in the attached papers for further reference.

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