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MindFit: How to Create a Kickass Workforce to Achieve Long-term Business Excellence

MindFit: How to Create a Kickass Workforce to Achieve Long-term Business Excellence

Kristopher G. Harold, Alexis Ee-Khem Aw, John K. Williams

ISBN: 978-0-730-35698-1

Jun 2018

240 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Workplace stress and burnout is a multi-billion-dollar problem affecting organisations.

The impacts of workplace stress and burnout include low productivity and profitability, rampant presenteeism and absenteeism, alarming workplace safety performance and workers compensation claims, poor quality assurance, high negative staff turnover and even, sometimes, work-related suicide. How do you solve such complex problems when the root cause is often nebulous or emotionally-charged?

Workplace mental fitness is the answer.

MindFit introduces Link:Flow:Grow, a breakthrough organisational design and development toolkit that puts workplace mental fitness first. This practical, field-tested solution empowers your workforce to:

●     skyrocket productivity and increase revenue

●     improve workplace safety and reduce workers compensation figures

●     reduce negative staff turnover and restore employee engagement

●     transform organisational culture and address other chronic business challenges.

MindFit introduces a transformative business management paradigm backed by mental fitness stretches, relatable stories, practical insights and handy checklists to empower your Company, your Team and your Self. It’s idealism made practical, complex made cheeky and education made entertaining. Don’t leave work without it!