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Minicircle and Miniplasmid DNA Vectors: The Future of Non-viral and Viral Gene Transfer

Minicircle and Miniplasmid DNA Vectors: The Future of Non-viral and Viral Gene Transfer

Martin Schleef (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-67044-4 February 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 258 Pages




This first title on the topic provides complete coverage, including the molecular basis, production and possible biomedical applications. Written by the most prominent academic researchers in the field as well as by researchers at one of the world's leading companies in industrial production of minicircle DNA, this practical book is aimed at everyone who is directly or indirectly involved in the development of gene therapies.
The History of Minicircle (Martin Grund, Martin Schleef)
Operator-Repressor Titration: Stable Plasmid Maintenance without Selectable Marker Genes (Rocky M. Cranenburgh)
Selection by RNA/RNA Interaction: Maximally Minimized Antibiotic-Resistance Free Plasmids (Reingard Grabherr, Jürgen Mairhofer)
Plasmid-Based Medicinal Products -
Focus on pFAR: A Miniplasmid Free of Antibiotic Resistance Markers (Daniel Scherman, Corinne Marie, Mickaël Quiviger, Helen Foster, George Dickson)
Plasmid DNA Concatemers -
Influence of Plasmid Structure on Transfection Efficiency (Christof Maucksch, Bronwen Connor, Carsten Rudolph)
Analytical Tools in Minicircle Production (Martin Schleef, Anja Rischmüller, Martina Viefhues, Mareike Dieding, Markus Blaesen, Marco Schmeer, Ruth Baier, Dario Anselmetti)
Utilising Minicircle Vectors for the Episomal Modification of Cells (Richard P. Harbottle, Orestis Argyros, Suet-Ping Wong, Charles Coutelle)
Replicating Minicircles: Overcoming the Limitations of Transient and of Stable Expression Systems (Jürgen Bode, Kristina Nehlsen, Sandra Broll, Raju Kandimalla, Niels Heinz, Markus Heine, Stefanie Binius, Axel Schambach)
Magnetofection of Minicircle DNA Vectors (Olivier Zelphati, Flavie Sicard, Cedric Sapet, Nicolas Laurent, Elodie Bertosio, Melanie Bertuzzi)
Minicircle Based Vectors for Non-Viral Gene Therapy: in vitro Characterization and in vivo Application (Dennis Kobelt, Jutta Aumann, Martin Schleef, Marco Schmeer, Ulrike Stein, Peter M. Schlag, Wolfgang Walther)
Episomal Expression of Minicircles and Conventional Plasmids in Mammalian Embryos (Wilfried A. Kues, Wiebke Garrels, Khursheed Iqbal)
Tissue Targeted Gene Electro-delivery of Minicircle DNA (Sophie Chabot, Muriel Golzio, Justin Teissié)
Increased Efficiency of Minicircles vs Plasmids under Gene Electrotransfer Suboptimal Conditions: An Influence of the Extracellular Matrix (V. Joubert, Franck M. André, Marco Schmeer, Martin Schleef, Lluis M. Mir)