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Miss Manners Minds Your Business

Miss Manners Minds Your Business

Judith Martin, Nicholas Ivor Martin

ISBN: 978-0-393-08136-7

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1269 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The route from cubicle to corner office is strewn with etiquette land mines and now that the boundaries separating work from personal life are blurred, even polite people don't recognise the difference between professional and social manners.

What's a contemporary professional to do? No need to convene a focus group or appeal to HR—consult Miss Manners. With wit and wisdom, she restores civility, guiding you around your colleague's messy desk, past your overly prying boss, around awkward toilet situations and through tedious staff meetings.

In Miss Manners Minds Your Business, Judith Martin and her son, Nicholas Ivor Martin, equip readers with the practical, pertinent and utterly correct advice necessary to win the job, keep the job and leave the job, with sanity and dignity intact.