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Missouri: The Heart of The Nation, 3rd Edition

Missouri: The Heart of The Nation, 3rd Edition

William E. Parrish, Charles T. Jones Jr., Lawrence O. Christensen

ISBN: 978-0-882-95996-2

Jun 2012

473 pages

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Combining a chronological overview with topical development, this team of esteemed authors presents in engaging detail the rich and varied history of Missouri, a state that has played a pivotal role in the history of the nation, from the pre-Columbian period to the present.

In a clear, engaging style that all students of Missouri history are certain to enjoy, the authors explore such subjects as Missouri’s Indian peoples, French and Spanish settlement, slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction, politics from territorial days to the present, cultural as well as industrial development, both world wars, historical and recent demographics, and the difficult choices that Missourians faces regarding the economy, the environment, and education as the twenty-first century unfolds.

Featuring an entirely new chapter as well as new maps, photographs, newly revised Suggestions for Further Reading, and a comprehensive index, this latest edition of our popular survey text—available in paperback as well as hardcover—will continue to enlighten and engage all those who call Missouri home.

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Introduction to the Third Edition vii

One. The Original Missourians 1

Two. The French and the Spanish 18

Three. The Coming of the Americans and the Statehood Crisis 39

Four. Missouri and the Opening of the American West 64

Five. The Age of Benton 84

Six. Slavery in Missouri 109

Seven. Political Turmoil and the Kansas War 131

Eight. An Expanding Missouri, 1830-1860 153

Nine. The Civil War 172

Ten. Radical Rule 197

Eleven. A Maturing Economy, 1860-1890 223

Twelve. Angry Farmers and Urban Reformers 245

Thirteen. Missouri Develops Culturally 267

Fourteen. World War I and the 1920s 290

Fifteen. The Pendergast Era 315

Sixteen. The 1945 Constitution and Postwar Politics 336

Seventeen. An Urbanizing Missouri: Postwar Economic Development 360

Eighteen. Modern Missouri: Educational and Cultural Development 380

Nineteen. Missouri During the 1980s 401

Twenty Missouri Since the 1990s 417

Appendix 443

Index 447