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Mobile Magic: The Saatchi and Saatchi Guide to Mobile Marketing and Design

Mobile Magic: The Saatchi and Saatchi Guide to Mobile Marketing and Design

Tom Eslinger

ISBN: 978-1-118-82842-7 February 2014 256 Pages


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A real-world guide to mobile marketing from the head of digital initiatives at Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide

The future of marketing is mobile, with seventy-five percent of the world's population having access to a mobile phone and the average American spending 82 minutes per day using her phone for activities other than talking. To traditional marketers unfamiliar with the special challenges of mobile marketing, this territory feels complicated and even frightening. Mobile Magic provides a bird's-eye view of the process of creating great mobile marketing from one of the world's most experienced and successful practitioners.

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Kevin Roberts

Introduction: Cannes Do

Section 1: Knowing the Terrain

Chapter 1: Living in the Screen Age: The Evolution and Opportunity of Mobile Marketing 6

Chapter 2: Why Go Mobile-First? 16

Chapter 3: A Crash Course in Mobile Phones and What They Can Do 22

Section 2: Understanding the Essentials

Chapter 4: The Four Keys to Mobile Marketing Success 36

Chapter 5: The Sweet Spot: Search and Social 46

Chapter 6: Marketer, Know Thyself (And Thy Audience)! 58

Chapter 7: Location, Location, Very Specific Location 68

Section 3: Getting Going

Chapter 8: How to Budget 78

Chapter 9: Building Your Team 90

Chapter 10: Interfacing with Design: What Production Looks Like from the Marketing Side 100

Chapter 11: Making the Stuff: The Basics of Mobile Production 110

Section 4: Being and Staying Attractive

Chapter 12: Lovemarks: The Algorithm of Attraction 124

Chapter 13: Communicating with Your Audience 140

Chapter 14: Selling Everything Everywhere 150

Section 5: Ensuring Success

Chapter 15: The Finish Line: Legal Issues, Lack of Support, and Trying to Do Too Much 160

Chapter 16: Measuring Success. Return on Investment Involvement: How to Define Success 172

Chapter 17.1: Marketing: Lucky Charms' Chase for the Charms Mobile App 182

Chapter 17.2: Gentlemen, Start Your Smartphones: The Tori 500 190

Chapter 17.3: Out of the Cold: Gillette Venus Sweden‘s “Tag the Weather” Campaign 198

Chapter 18: The Future 208

Acknowledgments 216

Index 219