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Mobile Radio Networks: Networking and Protocols

Mobile Radio Networks: Networking and Protocols

Bernhard H. Walke

ISBN: 978-0-470-85378-8

May 1999

892 pages

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Offers a comprehensive and detailed description of digital wireless and mobile radio systems focussing specifically on the network-oriented functions of all systems currently existing or planned for the near future. Building on the author's own academic and industrial experience in the field, particular attention is paid to the radio-related specifics required for establishment of a mobile communication system which is far more complex that a wired network. All systems described have been implemented during research for analysis of their performance by event driven stochastic simulation under typical traffic loads. Consequently the similarities and differences between systems are described clearly and coherently. This is practical, detailed study of a fast-moving field avoids unnecessary theoretical approaches to ensure the clarity of the facts presented for engineers in industry as well as students of mobile communications.

Notable features in this book include:

* Fundamentals of radio transmission, multiplexing, error protection and random access

* An up-to-date insight into protocols used by all the major mobile providers
System Aspects.

GSM System.

Other Public Mobile Radio Systems.

Third-Generation Cellular: UMTS.

Trunked Mobile Radio and Packet Data Radio.

Paging Systems.

Cordless Telephone Systems.


Wireless Local Loop Systems.

Personal Handyphone System (PHS).

Wireless Broadband Systems and Wireless ATM.

Wireless Local Area Networks.

Mobile Satellite Communication.

UPT-Universal Personal Telecommunication.

The Future is Wireless.