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Modeling of Process Intensification

Frerich J. Keil (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61059-4 June 2007 422 Pages


Combining the knowledge involved in process engineering and process modeling, this is the first book to cover all modeling methods applicable to process intensification. Both the editors and authors are renowned experts from industry and academia in the various fields of process modeling and integrated chemical processes.
Following an introduction to the topic, the book goes on to look at equipment and operational methods, monolithic catalysis, HEX, micro- and reverse flow reactors, catalytic and reactive distillation, the simulated-moving bed and vibration bubble column as well as ultrasound and ultrasonic reactors. A final chapter is devoted to processes under supercritical conditions.
In its treatment of hot topics of multidisciplinary interest, this book is of great value to researchers and engineers alike.
Introduction and Overview

Process intensification -
An Industrial point of view

Modeling and Simulations of Micro Reactors

Modeling and Simulation of Unsteady-State Operated Trickle-Flow Reactors

Packed Bed Membrane Reactors

The focussed Action of Surface Tension versus the Brute Force of Turbulence -
Scalable Microchannel-based Process Intensification using Monoliths

Chemical Reaction Modeling in Supercritical Fluids in special consideration of Reactions in Supercritical Water

Ultrasound Reactors

Modeling of Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography

Modeling of Reactive Distillation

Experimental and Theoretical Explorations of Weak and strong Gradient Magnetic Fields in Chemical Multiphase Processes