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Modeling of Static and Fatigue Damage of Textile Organic Matrix Composites

Modeling of Static and Fatigue Damage of Textile Organic Matrix Composites

Freìdeìric Laurin, Myriam Kaminski, Jean-François Maire, Rodrigue Desmorat

ISBN: 978-1-786-30017-1

Dec 2018, Wiley-ISTE

160 pages


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This book will be divided into two main parts. First of all, the damage and failure mechanisms observed during static and fatigue loadings are presented through the analysis of experimental data. A special attention will be paid to the different measurement techniques which permit to improve the comprehension of the damage mechanisms and their couplings. In a second part, different models, with different levels of complexity, will be described to predict the evolution of the damages until the final failure. A cumulative fatigue damage model specifically developed for 3D woven composite is presented. The extension of such an approach to an innovative incremental damage model will then be presented. These models will be validated through an important test campaign. Finally, the application of these approaches to structural test cases will be presented.

1. General information on woven composite materials.

2. Elastic linear behavior of composites.

3. General Principles of Fatigue.

4. Limitations of the usual methods.

5. Understanding the damage mechanisms of woven composites.

6. Damage model under static loading.

7. Model of damage in cycles for fatigue.

8. Incremental damage model for fatigue.

9. Prospects for research.