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Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

Modelling the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources

C. Fai Fung (Editor), Ana Lopez (Editor), Mark New (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-405-19671-0

Dec 2010, Wiley-Blackwell

200 pages

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The quantitative assessment of the impact of climate change on water availability and water resources management requires knowledge of climate, hydro(geo)logical and water resources models, and particularly the relationships between each of them. This book brings together world experts on each of these aspects, distilling each complex topic into concise and easy to understand chapters, in which both the uses and limitations of modelling are explored. The book concludes with a set of case studies using real-life examples to illustrate the steps required and the problems that can be faced in assessing the potential impacts of climate change on water resource systems.

For students, scientists, engineers and decision-makers alike, this book provides an invaluable and critical look at the information that is provided by climate models, and the ways it is used in modelling water systems. A key focus is the exploration of how uncertainties may accrue at each stage of an impacts assessment, and the reliability of the resulting information. The book is a practical guide to understanding the opportunities and pitfalls in the quantitative assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation in the water resource sector.



1 INTRODUCTION (Fai Fung, Ana Lopez and Mark New).

2 WEATHER AND CLIMATE (Daithı A. Stone and Reto Knutti).

3 REGIONALCLIMATEDOWNSCALING (Robert L. Wilby and Hayley J. Fowler).


5 EMERGING APPROACHES TO CLIMATE RISK MANAGEMENT (Ana Lopez, Robert L. Wilby, Fai Fung and Mark New).


6.1 Introduction.

6.2 Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Quaraı River Basin (Rodrigo Paiva, Walter Collischonn and Edith Beatriz Schettini).

6.3 Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower: Ariege, France (Jean-Philippe Vidal and Fre´de´ ric Hendrickx).

6.4 ACase Study of Water Resource Management in the South West of England (Ana Lopez).


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""Today one new book that caught my eye was Modelling the Impact of Climate Change On
Water Resources, published by Wiley and Sons this past December."" (Daily Kos, 7 March 2011)