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Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers

Modern Advanced Mathematics for Engineers

Vladimir V. Mitin , Dmitri A. Romanov , Michael P. Polis

ISBN: 978-0-471-41770-5

Apr 2001

328 pages

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A convenient single source for vital mathematical concepts, written by engineers and for engineers.

Builds a strong foundation in modern applied mathematics for engineering students, and offers them a concise and comprehensive treatment that summarizes and unifies their mathematical knowledge using a system focused on basic concepts rather than exhaustive theorems and proofs.

The authors provide several levels of explanation and exercises involving increasing degrees of mathematical difficulty to recall and develop basic topics such as calculus, determinants, Gaussian elimination, differential equations, and functions of a complex variable. They include an assortment of examples ranging from simple illustrations to highly involved problems as well as a number of applications that demonstrate the concepts and methods discussed throughout the book. This broad treatment also offers:* Key mathematical tools needed by engineers working in communications, semiconductor device simulation, and control theory * Concise coverage of fundamental concepts such as sets, mappings, and linearity * Thorough discussion of topics such as distance, inner product, and orthogonality * Essentials of operator equations, theory of approximations, transform methods, and partial differential equationsIt makes an excellent companion to less general engineering texts and a useful reference for practitioners.


The Basic of Set Theory.

Relations and Mappings.

Mathematical Logic.

Algebraic Structures: Group Through Linear Space.

Linear Mappings and Matrices.

Metrics and Topological Properties.

Banach and Hilbert Spaces.

Orthonormal Bases and Fourier Series.

Operator Equations.

Fourier and Laplace Transforms.

Partial Differential Equations.

Topic Index.
“The appearance of the book is pleasing and it reads well…” (The Mathematical Gazette, Nov 2002)

"From the preface: 'This book is written with the aim of providing students with a strong foundation in modern applied mathematics.'" (Mathematical Reviews, 2001 I)

"...a useful account of basic ideas." (Mathematika, No.48, 2001)

"One should be grateful to the authors for having done a good job" (Zentrablatt Math, Vol.979, No.04, 2002)

"...textbook for a one-semester graduate course providing engineering students with a foundation in modern applied mathematics." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 26, No. 2, June 2002)