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Modern Analog Filter Analysis and Design: A Practical Approach

Modern Analog Filter Analysis and Design: A Practical Approach

R. Raut, M. N. S. Swamy

ISBN: 978-3-527-63235-0

Sep 2011

378 pages



Starting from the fundamentals, the present book describes methods of designing analog electronic filters and illustrates these methods by providing numerical and circuit simulation programs. The subject matters comprise many concepts and techniques that are not available in other text books on the market. To name a few - principle of transposition and its application in directly realizing current mode filters from well known voltage mode filters; an insight into the technological aspect of integrated circuit components used to implement an integrated circuit filter; a careful blending of basic theory, numerical verification (using MATLAB) and illustration of the actual circuit behaviour using circuit simulation program (SPICE); illustration of few design cases using CMOS and BiCMOS technological processes.

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1. Introduction
2. A Review of Network Analysis Techniques
3. Network Theorems and Approximation of Filter Functions
4. Basics of Passive Filter Design
5. Second-Order Active-RC Filters
6. Switched-Capacitor Filters
7. Higher-Order Active Filters
8. Current-Mode Filters
9. Implementation of Analog Integrated Circuit Filters