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Modern Analytical Methods in Art and Archeology

Modern Analytical Methods in Art and Archeology

Enrico Ciliberto (Editor), Giuseppe Spoto (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-29361-3 June 2000 784 Pages


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The use of analytical methods in studies concerning works of art and archaeological artifacts provides essential information on the materials they are made from, including their composition, age, and methods used in their production. This book explains how to use analytical methods to obtain such information.

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Analytical Methods in Art and Archaeology (E. Ciliberto).

Elemental Analysis (R. Hancock).

Atomic Spectroscopy and Spectrometry (S. Young & A.Pollard).

X-Ray Fluorescence (L. Moens, et al.).

Neutron Activation Analysis for Provenance Determination inArchaeology (H. Neff).

Particle-Induced X-Ray Emission (J.-C. Dran, et al.).

Molecular and Structural Analysis (G. Spoto).

Biomolecular Analysis by Organic Mass Spectrometry (R.Evershed).

Biomolecular Methods (R. Cano).

Raman Spectroscopy (F. Cariati & S. Bruni).

Thermal Analysis (M. Odlyha).

UV-VIS-NIR, FT-IR, AND FORS Spectroscopies (M. Bacci).

X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Auger Electron Spectroscopy inArt An Archaeology (G. Spoto & E. Ciliberto).

Electron Microscopy and its Application to the Study ofArchaeological Materials and Art Preservation (M. Jose-Yacaman& J. Ascencio).

Isotope Analysis, Dating, and Provenance Methods (G. Wagner).

Radiocarbon Dating (R. Hedges).

Lead Isotope Analyses Applied to Provenance Studies (N. Gale &Z. Stos-Gale).

Luminescence Dating (S. Troja & R. Roberts).

Electron Spin Resonance Dating (R. Grun).

Data Handling and Statistical Analysis (M. Baxter & C.Buck).

"Scientists...explain how analytical methods are being used tostudy works of art and archaeological artifacts...they discussbasic principles, procedures, and applications." (Reference &Research Book News, November 2001)