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Modern Antenna Design, 2nd Edition

Modern Antenna Design, 2nd Edition

Thomas A. Milligan

ISBN: 978-0-471-72060-7 July 2005 Wiley-IEEE Press 580 Pages




  • A practical book written for engineers who design and use antennas
  • The author has many years of hands on experience designing antennas that were used in such applications as the Venus and Mars missions of NASA
  • The book covers all important topics of modern antenna design for communications
  • Numerical methods will be included but only as much as are needed for practical applications

1. Properties of Antennas.

2. Radiation Structures and Numerical Methods.

3. Arrays.

4. Aperture Distributions and Arrays Synthesis.

5. Dipoles, Slots, and Loops.

6. Microstrip Antennas.

7. Horn Antennas.

8. Reflector Antennas.

9. Lens Antennas.

10. Traveling Wave Antennas.

11. Frequency-Independent Antennas.

12. Phased Arrays.