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Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology, Volume 8

Modern Chlor-Alkali Technology, Volume 8

John Moorhouse (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-99946-2 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages




The book addresses the latest technical developments in the chlorine industry with emphasis on operational improvements. The effects of economic, political, environmental and safety issues surrounding the industry are covered.
Emission of chlorine dioxide in hypochlorite production unit in the steady state and at peak load; Ethylene Dichloride - Part of the Chloralkali Plant?; New Process Options for Hypochlorite Destruction; Electrode Management Optimisation System; Brine purification by ion exchange with water elution; Chlorine Production with Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes in Industrial Scale; Advanced Diaphragm Cell Technology (ADCT)TM; Chlorine Processing Beyond the Millenium-The Use of Gas-separation Membranes; Advanced Cell Technology with Flemion Membranes and the AZEC Bipolar Electrolyzer; New Electrolyzer Design For High Current Density; Process To Remove Sulfate, Iodide And Silica From Brine; A Dynamic Model Of A Mercury Chlorine Cell; Back-Pulse Filtration Using GORE-TEX? Membrane Filter Cloths Improved Brine Treatment for New Electrolyzers; Cost saving in Chlorine Plants by benefiting from the unique properties of Titanium; The Chlor-Alkali Business.

Dr Douglas J Hutchison; Phase-Out Issues For Mercury Cell Technology In The Chlor-Alkali Industry; Euro Chlor Risk Assessment for the Marine Environment; High Current Density Operation of Chloralkali Electrolyzers - The Standard for the New Millennium; Gas Diffusion Electrodes For Chlorine related (production) Technologies; Deactivation Of Thermally Formed Ruo2 + Tio2 Coatings During Chlorine Evolution: Mechanisms And Reactivation Measures; Commercialisation of kvaerner chemetics' Sulphate removal system; Hypochlorite recycle to diaphragm cells at the Diaphragm Electrolysis Plant Delfzijl; 'Practical Operating Differences in Converting a Diaphragm Cell Chloralkali Plant to a Membrane Electrolyser Plant'; Know-how and Technology - Improving The Return On Investment For Conversions, Expansions And New Chlorine Plants; Replacement Of Mercury Chlor-Alkali Plants With New Membrane Plants In Australia; BiChlor Chlor-Alkali Membrane Electrolyser; Index

* up-to-date review of all relevant chlorine chemists, technology and issues
* highly practical and academically rigorous
* international coverage