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Modern Coating and Drying Technology

Modern Coating and Drying Technology

Edward D. Cohen (Editor), Edgar B. Gutoff (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-18806-3 May 1992 336 Pages


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In this book, industrial engineers and others will find a much needed introduction and reference on the science of coating. Drawn from a two-day course organized by the editors, this book delineates the major processes used in coating continuous webs, emphasizing precision application technology for the high performance coatings required by so many high-tech products. From fluid preparation and delivery through coating application and drying to finished product, expert contributors discuss limitations in speed and thickness, coating defects and their causes, handling the web, drying the coated web, and the effects on the process of the surface chemistry of coating fluid and coating support. The contributors represent the paper and converting industries as well as the photographic industry.
Choosing the Coating Method (E. Cohen).

Fluid Handling and Preparation (P. Schweizer).

Roll Coating (D. Coyle).

Premetered Coating (E. Gutoff).

Air Knife Coating (N. Steinberg).

Drive Systems for Off-Machine Coaters (G. Kheboian).

Thin Film Drying (E. Cohen).