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Modern Control System Theory and Design, 2nd Edition

Modern Control System Theory and Design, 2nd Edition

Stanley M. Shinners

ISBN: 978-0-471-24906-1 May 1998 744 Pages


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The definitive guide to control system design

Modern Control System Theory and Design, Second Edition offers themost comprehensive treatment of control systems available today.Its unique text/software combination integrates classical andmodern control system theories, while promoting an interactive,computer-based approach to design solutions. The sheer volume ofpractical examples, as well as the hundreds of illustrations ofcontrol systems from all engineering fields, make this volumeaccessible to students and indispensable for professionalengineers.

This fully updated Second Edition features a new chapter on moderncontrol system design, including state-space design techniques,Ackermann's formula for pole placement, estimation, robust control,and the H method for control system design. Other notable additionsto this edition are:
* Free MATLAB software containing problem solutions, which can beretrieved from The Mathworks, Inc., anonymous FTP server at
* Programs and tutorials on the use of MATLAB incorporated directlyinto the text
* A complete set of working digital computer programs
* Reviews of commercial software packages for control systemanalysis
* An extensive set of new, worked-out, illustrative solutions addedin dedicated sections at the end of chapters
* Expanded end-of-chapter problems--one-third with answers tofacilitate self-study
* An updated solutions manual containing solutions to the remainingtwo-thirds of the problems

Superbly organized and easy-to-use, Modern Control System Theoryand Design, Second Edition is an ideal textbook for introductorycourses in control systems and an excellent professional reference.Its interdisciplinary approach makes it invaluable for practicingengineers in electrical, mechanical, aeronautical, chemical, andnuclear engineering and related areas.
General Concept of Control-System Design.

Mathematical Techniques for Control-System Analysis.

State Equations and Transfer-Function Representation of PhysicalLinear Control-System Elements.

Second-Order Systems.

Performance Criteria.

Techniques for Determining Control-System Stability.

Linear Control-System Compensation and Design.

Modern Control-System Design using State-Space, Pole Placement,Ackermann's Formula, Estimation, Robust Control, and H? infinityTechniques.


Answers to Selected Problems.