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Modern Crop Protection Compounds

Modern Crop Protection Compounds

Wolfgang Kr¿mer (Editor), Ulrich Schirmer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61958-0 February 2008 1394 Pages

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This one-stop reference for everyone working in the agrochemical business is written from a truly international industrial perspective, with first-class authors from leading companies, including Bayer, Dow, Syngenta and BASF. In three volumes it addresses all important aspects, from the history to the mode of action, from the effects on the organism to major commercial products and industrial synthesis. A series of special chapters cover such hot topics as high throughput screening in modern agrochemical research, the role of fluorine, and consequences for modern drug design.
A comprehensive source of top quality information.
Volume 1.


List of Contributors.

I Herbicides.

Overview (Wolfgang Krämer and Ulrich Schirmer).

1 HRAC Classification of Herbicides and Resistance Development (Hubert Menne and Helmut Köcher).

2 Acetohydroxyacid Synthase Inhibitors (AHAS/ALS).

2.1 Biochemistry of the Target and Resistance (Mark E. Thompson).

2.2 Newer Sulfonylureas (Oswald Ort).

2.3 Imidazolinone Herbicides (Dale L. Shaner, Mark Stidham, and Bijay Singh).

2.4 Triazolopyrimidines (Timothy C. Johnson, Richard K. Mann, Paul R. Schmitzer, Roger E. Gast, and Gerrit J. deBoer).

2.5 Pyrimidinylcarboxylates (Fumitaka Yoshida, Yukio Nezu, Ryo Hanai, and Tsutomu Shimizu)

2.6 Sulfonylaminocarbonyl-triazolinones (Klaus-Helmut Müller)

3 Protoporphyrinogen-IX-oxidase Inhibitors (George Theodoridis).

4 Herbicides with Bleaching Properties.

4.1 Phytoene Desaturase Inhibitors (Gerhard Hamprecht and Matthias Witschel).

4.2 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase (HPPD) – the Herbicide Target (Timothy R. Hawkes).

4.3 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase (HPPD) Inhibitors: Triketones (Andrew J. F. Edmunds).

4.4 Hydroxyphenylpyruvate Dioxygenase (HPPD) Inhibitors: Heterocycles (Andreas van Almsick).

5 Safener for Herbicides (Chris Rosinger and Helmut Köcher).

6 Genetically Modified Herbicide Resistant Crops.

6.1 Overview (Claire A. CaJacob, Paul C.C. Feng, Steven E. Reiser, and Stephen R. Padgette).

6.2 Inhibitors of 5-enolpyruvyl Shikimate 3-phosphase Synthase (EPSPS) (Claire A. CaJacob, Paul C.C. Feng, Steven E. Reiser, and Stephen R. Padgette).

6.3 Glutamine Synthetase Inhibitors (Günter Donn).

7 Microtubulin Assembly Inhibitors (Pyridines) (Darin W. Lickfeldt, Denise P. Cudworth, Daniel D. Loughner, and Lowell D. Markley).

8 Inhibition of Cell Division (Oxyacetamides, Tetrazolinones) (Toshio Goto, Akihiko Yanagi, and Yukiyoshi Watanabe).

9 Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase Inhibitors (Jean Wenger and Thierry Niderman).

10 Photosynthesis Inhibitors: Regulatory Aspects, Reregistration in Europe, Market Trends and New Products (Karl-Wilhelm Mu¨nks and Klaus-Helmut Müller).

11 New Aspects of Plant Growth Regulators (Hans Ulrich Haas).

Volume 2.

II Fungicides.


12 FRAC Mode of Action Classification and Resistance Risk of Fungicides (Karl-Heinz Kuck and Ulrich Gisi).

13 Fungicides Acting on Oxidative Phosphorylation.

13.1 The Biochemistry of Oxidative Phosphorylation – A Multiplicity of Targets for Crop Protection Chemistry (Fergus Earley).

13.2 Strobilurins and Other Complex III Inhibitors (Hubert Sauter).

13.3 Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors (Joachim Rheinheimer).

13.4 Uncouplers of Oxidative Phosphorylation (William G. Whittingham).

13.5 NADH-Inhibitors (Complex I) (Harald Walter).

14 Fungicides Acting on Amino Acids and Protein Synthesis.

14.1 Natural Compounds used in Agriculture Interfering in Protein Synthesis of Fungi and Bacteria (Heinrich Buchenauer and Frank Walker).

14.2 Anilinopyrimidines: Methionine Biosynthesis Inhibitors (Ulrich Gisi and Urs Müller).

15 Fungicides Acting on Signal Transduction.

15.1 Mode of Action (Andrew Corran).

15.2 Chemistry and Biology of Fludioxonil, Fenpiclonil, and Quinoxyfen (Peter Ackermann, Gertrude Knauf-Beiter, and Ronald Zeun).

16 Fungicides Acting on Mitosis and Cell Division.

16.1 Zoxamide, an Antitubulin Fungicide for Control of Oomycete Pathogens (David H. Young).

16.2 Pencycuron, a Phenylurea Fungicide for Rhizoctonia solani (Isao Ueyama and Yoshio Kurahashi).

17 Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibitors (Karl Heinz Kuck and Jean-Pierre Vors).

18 Carboxylic Acid Amide (CAA) Fungicides (Ulrich Gisi, Clemens Lamberth, Andreas Mehl, and Thomas Seitz).

19 Fluopicolide, a new Anti-oomycetes Fungicide with a New Mode of Action inducing Perturbation of a Spectrin-like Protein (Valérie Toquin, Francois Barja, Catherine Sirven, and Roland Beffa).

20 Melanin Synthesis in Cell Wall (Michael Schindler, Haruko Sawada, and Klaus Tietjen).

21 Newer Fungicides with Unknown Mode of Action (Stefan Hillebrand and Jean-Luc Zundel).

22 Recently Introduced Powdery Mildew Fungicides (Jochen Dietz).

23 Newest Aspects of Nucleic Acid Synthesis Inhibitors – Metalaxyl-M (Urs Mu¨ller and Ulrich Gisi).

Volume 3.

III Insecticides.


24 IRAC, Insecticide Resistance and Mode of Action Classification of Insecticides (Alfred Elbert, Ralf Nauen, and Alan McCaffery).

25 Insect Molting and Metamorphosis.

25.1 Bisacylhydrazines: Novel Chemistry for Insect Control (Tarlochan Singh Dhadialla and Ronald Ross, Jr.).

25.2 A New Juvenoid – Pyriproxyfen (Makoto Hatakoshi).

26 Chitin Synthesis.

26.1 Chitin Synthesis and Inhibitors (Joel J. Sheets).

26.2 Mite Growth Inhibitors (Clofentezine, Hexythiazox, Etoxazole) (Thomas Bretschneider and Ralf Nauen).

27 Midgut – Transgenic Crops Expressing Bacillus thuringiensis Cry Proteins (Jeroen Van Rie and Stefan Jansens).

28 Metabolic Processes.

28.1 Inhibitors of Oxidative Phosphorylation (Josef Ehrenfreund).

28.2 Inhibitors of Oxidative Phosphorylation via Disruption of the Proton Gradient (David Kuhn and Nigel Armes).

28.3 Inhibitors of Mitochondrial Electron Transport – Acaricides and Insecticides (Thomas C. Sparks and Carl V. DeAmicis).

28.4 Inhibitors of Lipid Synthesis (Acetyl-CoA-carboxylase Inhibitors) (Thomas Bretschneider, Reiner Fischer, and Ralf Nauen).

29 Nervous System.

29.1 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Agonists, Target and Selectivity Aspects (Peter Jeschke and Ralf Nauen).

29.2 Chemical Structural Features of Commercialized Neonicotinoids.

29.2.1 Open-chain Compounds (Peter Jeschke).

29.2.2 Five-membered Compounds – Imidacloprid and Thiacloprid (Peter Jeschke and Koichi Moriya).

29.2.3 Six-membered Heterocycles (Thiamethoxam, AKD 1022) (Peter Maienfisch).

29.3 DE-175 (Spinetoram), a New Semi-synthetic Spinosyn in Development (Gary D. Crouse, James E. Dripps, Nailah Orr, Thomas C. Sparks, and Clive Waldron).

29.4 Sodium Channel Blocking Insecticides, Indoxacarb (Stephen F. McCann, Daniel Cordova, John T. Andaloro, and George P. Lahm).

29.5 Ligand-gated Chloride Channel Antagonists (Fiproles) (Vincent L. Salgado, Stefan Schnatterer, and Keith A. Holmes).

29.6 Chloride Channel Activators/New Natural Products (Avermectins and Milbemycins) (Thomas Pitterna).

30 New Unknown Mode of Action.

30.1 Selective Feeding Blockers (Pymetrozine, Flonicamid) (Peter Maienfisch).

30.2 Neuroactive Miticides – Bifenazate (Mark A. Dekeyser).

30.3 Pyridalyl: Discovery, Insecticidal Activity, and Mode of Action (Shigeru Saito and Noriyasu Sakamoto).

31 Insecticides Affecting Calcium Homeostasis – Flubendiamide (Hiroshi Hamaguchi and Takashi Hirooka).

IV New Research Methods.

32 High Throughput Screening in Agrochemical Research (Mark Drewes, John C. W. Lohrenz, Klaus Stenzel, and Klaus Tietjen).

33 Fast Identification of the Mode of Action of Herbicides by DNA Chips (Peter Eckes and Marco Busch).

34 Molecular Modeling in Agricultural Research (Klaus-Jürgen Schleifer).

35 The Unique Role of Halogen Substituents in the Design of Modern Crop Protection Compounds (Peter Jeschke).

Index of Common Names.

Subject Index.

"Compulsory reading for the doubters of the value of chemical crop protection... a book of which we should be proud."(Chemistry and Industry,February 2008)