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Modern Derivatization Methods for Separation Science



Modern Derivatization Methods for Separation Science

Toshimasa Toyo'oka

ISBN: 978-0-470-86016-8 November 2000 312 Pages


Includes new derivatizing reagents not covered in similar book by Blau and
Halket (Wiley 1993) and not found in any other books to date.
A field of increasing importance and significance in separation science.
Concentrates on synthesis of derivatives for HPLC and Capillary
Electrophoresis, techniques of great interest in the pharmaceutical field.
Partial Table of Contents:

1. Pretreatment for Real Sample Analysis and Choice of Suitable Reagent

2. Reagent for UV-VIS detection

3. Reagent for FL Detection

4. Reagents for CL detection

5. Reagents for electrochemical detection

6. Derivatization for resolution of chiral compounds


Subject index.
"The methodologies suggested in this book are very useful in the life science...It is highly recommended for biochemists, separation scientists as well as postgraduate researches in these areas." (Carbohydrate Polymers, 1999)

"Many important derivatization reagents...are provided in this modern, easy-to-read book." (La Doc Sti, Vol. 371, March 1999)