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Modern Industrial Automation Software Design

Modern Industrial Automation Software Design

Lingfeng Wang, Kay CHen Tan

ISBN: 978-0-471-68373-5 February 2006 Wiley-IEEE Press 352 Pages


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  • The main subjects in this book relate to software development using cutting-edge technologies for real-world industrial automation applications
  • A hands-on approach to applying a wide variety of emerging technologies to modern industrial practice problems
  • Explains key concepts through clear examples, ranging from simple to more complex problem domains, and all based on real-world industrial problems
  • A useful reference book for practicing engineers as well as an updated resource book for researchers



Part I. Design Principles of Modern Industrial Automation Systems.

1. Introduction.

2. Virtual Instrumentation.

3. Component-Based Measurement Systems.

4. Object-Oriented Software Engineering.

5. Graphical User Interface Design.

6. Database Management.

7. Software Testing.

Part II. Real-World Applications.

8. Overview.

9. An Object-Oriented Reconfigurable Software.

10. Flexible Measurement Point Management.

11. A Blending System Using Multithreaded Programming.

12. A Flexible Automatic Test System for Rotating Turbine Machinery.

13. An Internet-Based Online Real-Time Condition Monitoring System.

14. Epilog.