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Modern Methods of Particle Size Analysis

Modern Methods of Particle Size Analysis

Howard G. Barth (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-87571-0

Sep 1984

320 pages

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Specialists in the field discuss the latest developments in particle size analysis, presenting an overview of state-of-the-art methodologies and data interpretation. Topics include commercial instrumentation, photon correlation spectroscopy, Fraunhofer Diffraction, field-flow fractionation, and detection systems for particle chromatography.
Commercial Instrumentation for Particle Size Analysis.

The Application of Particle Characterization Methods to Submicron Dispersions and Emulsions.

Particle Size Using Photon Correlation Spectroscopy.

Application of Photon Correlation Function Profile Analysis to Molecular Weight Distributions of Polymers in Solution.

Particle and Droplet Sizing Using Fraunhofer Diffraction.

Particle Size Measurements from 0.l to l,000 um Based on Light Scattering and Diffraction.

Field-Flow Fractionation of Particles.

Detection Systems for Particle Chromatography.

Hydrodynamic Chromatography of High Molecular Weight Water-Soluble Polymers.

Appendix--Manufacturers of Instruments for Particle Size Analysis.